IKO Instructor courses

 Reef Kite Academy is a proud partner of PRO CENTER Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding. 

Together, we offer numerous IKO assistant and instructor courses throughout the year.

During the courses, we will study in our workspace in the morning, then meet in LEK school in the afternoon. 

If you need more training, we offer coaching lessons
to help you get there as fast as possible.

Assistant Training Course
5 days, 40 hours



Instructor Training Course
5 days, 40 hours



To apply for an IKO course, head to the contact page and we will send you an email with all details, or book your spot on IKO directly.

Price and details

The prices below are the total prices you will pay.

Part of it will be paid to us via the payment link we will send you.

You must pay the rest on IKO’s website directly, following those links:
Assistant course: ATC module 1: e-learning (169$)
Instructor course: IKO fee (299$)

IKO COURSES PLANNING Date and language Price Full pack
Full IKO course: ATC + MFA + ITC December 5th -> 16th (English) 1̶6̶6̶8̶ $ 1490 $
Assistant Training course (ATC)* December 5th -> 9th (English) 559 $
Medic First Aid (MFA) December 10th (English) 80 $
Instructor Training Course (ITC)** December 12th -> 16th (English) 1029 $
Full IKO course: ATC + MFA + ITC February 6th -> 17th (English) 1̶6̶6̶8̶ $ 1490 $
Assistant Instructor Training course (ATC)* February 6th ->10th (English) 559 $
Medic First Aid (MFA) February 11th (English) 80 $
Instructor Training Course (ITC)** February 13th -> 17th (English) 1029 $
Full IKO course: ATC + MFA + ITC March 13th -> 24th (Spanish) 1̶6̶6̶8̶ $ 1490 $
Assistant Instructor Training course (ATC)* March 13th ->17th (Spanish) 559 $
Medic First Aid (MFA) March 18th (Spanish) 80 $
Instructor Training Course (ITC)** March 20th -> 24th (Spanish) 1029 $
Assistant instructor training course (Atc)* April 17th-> 21st 599 $
Medic first aid and cpr training (Mfa) April 22nd 80 $
Instructor training course (Itc) April 24th-> 28th 1029 $
Standard pack : Atc + Itc April 17th->28th 1̶5̶8̶8̶ $ 1550 $
Full course pack: Atc + Mfa + Itc April 17th->28th 1̶7̶0̶8̶ $ 1590 $

*Including Assistance course ATC module 1: e-learning of 169$
**Including Instructor course IKO fee of 299$

Please note that your place will be secured once full payment (courses + IKO fee) has been made.
The payment is only refundable up to 1 month before the start of the course (IKO fee is not refundable).
The course is limited to 8 candidates, so do not book at the last minute.

IKO Assistant training course

IKO Instructor training course